Once you register a debt with Indepayment, Indepayment will determine whether the debt is eligible for “charge-off.”  If so, we will give you the option of “charging-off” the debt, meaning that you are willing to sell it to a debt investor, thereby transfer the risk of non-payment from you to the investor.  Be warned, however, that debt investors pay around 4 cents on the dollar for debt, meaning that your $1,000 debt is only worth $40.  This is what banks, utilities and hospitals get for their non-performing invoices as well, so you’re not alone. Charge-off is not for everyone, but it could be a quick bit of cash for a non-performing invoice.  Whether or not the registered debt is eligible for charge-off is at Indepayment’s discretion.  Indepayment’s fee is 35% of the gross amount paid for the debt by the debt investor.

Over time, we hope that debt owed to freelancers, independent workers, and small businesses prove to be very collectable.  That will make debt investors more interested in the debt and drive up prices, providing more money for freelancers, independent workers, and small business that wish to charge-off their debts rather than collect themselves.

If you’re interested in Charging-Off a debt, you need to register it with Indepayment.

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