Frequently Asked Questions

Q: My debt is a few years old.  Can I still register it on Indepayment?

A.  Yes.  The age of the debt only matters for purposes of bringing a lawsuit or threatening to bring a lawsuit.  We are not doing either.  Old debts are harder to collect, but let us try.

Q. The company I worked for is out of business, will I get paid?

A.  It’s unlikely, but let us try.  Our Network Participants are pros at finding money, and you never know.  Besides, we may see that other freelancers and independent workers are owed money, and we may find that somewhere out there someone can be held responsible for the debt.

Q. The debt is related to work I did for a client I found through a website like or UpWork.  Do I need to use that service to resolve the debt, or can I use Indepayment.

A.  You can try to resolve the issue through one of those services, but our experience is that very few debts get paid using their dispute resolution functions.  We think it’s because the websites don’t try too hard and don’t care.  Their customers are the client looking for freelance workers, not necessarily the freelancers themselves.  At Indepayment, all we do is help freelancers, independent workers and small business get paid.  Give us a shot.

Q: If I ask you to collect, how do I stop you if I decide I don’t want to collect?

A.  Easy.  Just give us 5 days-notice on the termination. However, if the debt is being paid on installment plan or is with one of our network participants, you can’t take back that debt.  But why would you want to?

Q.  What happens to the debtor’s IndeScore if I stop your collect efforts?

A.  It remains where it is, unless you explicitly tell us to increase it.  If you ask us to increase it, we will contact the debtor to ask whether they paid the debt.  If they have, you will owe us the $99 or 10% of amount collected service fee and, if a Network Participant was used, you owe their contingency and costs and the $99 fee.  It’s only fair for you to pay because you got paid.

Q.  I love the IndeScore, but won’t I upset my former clients since, I assume, they will know I am responsible for bad the IndeScore?

A.  You’re too nice.  The former client did not pay you, and other freelancers, independent workers and small businesses need to know the risk.  Practically speaking, however, the IndeScore is actually the average score of everyone who has had a payment dispute with the client, so it’s not just you.  If you’re wondering about legal liability, we know something about that because we also run a lawfirm:  It’s a very weak claim because we are just asking your opinion of the credit worthiness of the former client.  But if you’re concerned about it, you don’t need to give an IndeScore.

Q.  What if the debtor just pays me after they are informed that you’re trying to collect the debt? What if I think it has nothing to do with Indepayment? Do I still owe you the $99 and the contingency fee to the Network Participant if I chose to use one?

A.  Yes, you still need to pay.  It’s only fair, don’t you think?  We might never know what prompted payment, but there can be little doubt that Indepayment helped.

Q. I’ve been calling, writing nasty letters, even making frowney faces in front of their offices, but I’ve gotten nothing.  Can I still use Indepayment to collect the debt?

A.   Yes.  We think we can do it.  Give us a try.

Q. I’ve been told that the client is not paying because I did a bad job.  They have been adamant about that.  Should I still use Indepayment?

A. This is a tough one.  You can register the debt and we will try to collect, but unless you feel as if the “bad job” excuse is just a guise for not paying, you probably don’t want to force the issue.  This is something only you know.

Q. Why can’t I just call a debt collector?

A.  Go ahead and try. You might get them to make a call or two but debt collectors work on volume with large accounts and won’t take your one debt seriously.  Indepayment’s Network Participants are servicing lots of debts referred by Indepayment.  They take us seriously and want to do a great job so we keep sending them more debts.   

Q.  Why are IndeScores limited to business and commercial debtors.  Why can’t I give a consumer debtor an IndeScore?

A.  The gosh-darn government won’t let us let you do that.

Q.  Why don’t you send notifications to debtors on consumer transactions?

A.  The gosh-darn government won’t let us do that, either.  Actually, we’re working on the compliance issues, and hope to roll that service out soon.