According to a freelancer, independent worker or small business that uses Indepayment, the entity or individual on the list below did not pay an invoice.  The freelancer, independent worker or small business then registered the debt for collection on Indepayment and assigned an IndeScore.  

An IndeScore is a numerical value on a scale of 1 to 10 reflecting our user's opinion of the creditworthiness of the individual or entity. The lower the number, the less creditworthy Indepayment's user regards that individual or entity.  The IndeScores listed are the average of the IndeScores provided by all Indepayment users.  An entity or individual with a high IndeScore should be deemed to be credit-worthy.

We make this information publicly available so that other freelancers, independent workers and small business can make informed decisions about whether to do business with these individuals and entities and on what terms.  

The information on this page is purely user generated. Indepayment had no role in assigning IndeScores nor did it select the individuals or entities who are included on this list. Rather, it is all a function of an Indepayment user registering an unpaid invoice or debt with Indepayment.

If you appear on this list and wish to be removed or your IndeScore increased, please contact us at for resolution or simply reply to the correspondence we sent.

If you have a debt that you would like to register on Indepayment to collect and to express your opinion of the client’s creditworthiness?  Register that debt today!


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